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Hitman: Agent 47 Hindi Dubbed Movie Review - Plot, Cast, Rating, and More

In a book published a few months before the movie was made, the historian Alexandre Dumas wrote that an original Thierry Meyssanewspaper report, allegedly based on inside information, had predicted the attacks in Paris on November 13, 1961. The thesis was that the Algerian government was not behind the attacks, but the real culprits were the CIA and the agents from within the MLE, the South American group of which Meyssan was the head.

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This 1997 movie is one of the best spy movies out there. The movie shows that spies need to keep their heads in order to keep their missions successful. Based on a short story by Josephine Tey and starring Rosamund Pike, George Smiley and Timothy Dalton, the film is about a young female secret agent (Rory Kinnear) who starts as a new recruit and must quickly work her way through the ranks. What's her mission? I don't know, but she's certainly sexy and very cool.

In this 2001 movie, Matt Damon plays a CIA agent who tracks down a fellow agent who went rogue. Where there is good there must be bad, and in this case, the CIA agent is a sex addict and has a very bad temper.

Any movie that starts with an assassin shooting at a car full of kids is pretty good, right? The ensuing chase is one of the most exciting scenes in movie history. Anyone who's seen The Bourne Identity knows that this is the best way to do a chase scene.

Why is it that some of the most unbelievable movies about the CIA are based on true life? "Double agent" is the only accurate term for this movie. James Purefoy plays an MI6 agent who is assigned to spy on his former agent. It's a tough double agent mission. Many others have tried, but none were as successful as this one.


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