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Uber Buy Car ^NEW^

Hi I have bought a used car on 03-06-2022 for $13000 privately. Can i claim full amount for depreciation as no gst is involved? My uber usage has gone down due to a job so i have started a new logbook from june onwards and i estimate it yo be around 50%. I believe I can only use simplified depreciation as it is a used car.So can I claim diminishing depreciation or do i need to create small business pool as i dont want to claim temporary full expensing? One more thing will bank transfer be enough as a proof of purchase or do i need any other document? Thanks

uber buy car

Hi Jess,I just resigned from my current job and looking for a new opportunity, meanwhile I get a new job I am planning to drive uber. Also, once I get a new job, I will be stopping driving uber. In this case, can you please let me know what can be the best option I can take from a tax perspective? I need to buy a used/new car as well to drive with Uber.

Hi Jes, I bought car worth $ 21000 for uber on Aug 2018 and I had registered for GST before hand. I started driving uber from Jan 2019 and my gross income for Q3 was $600. I am going to do BAS this quarter Q3.How do I fill up in G1 , 1A, 1B in my situation for Q3. In Q2 I had filled up NIL to all. Any help will be much appreciated.

I purchased a vehicle in November 2016 for $98,000 inc gst and other tax (LCT).In April 2018 I started doing Uber with this car and decided that this car will be 100% for uber business. (as I have another car for personal use)

Agreed with most of the comments above it is a (I think superior) taxi dispatch model. I suspect over time it will come under increasing regulation in terms of driver registration and tracking. I always try to talk to my uber drivers a bit and most seem to think of it as a full or part time job and only a few are picking up odd hours here and there. 041b061a72


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