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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Power Rangers (Ages 4 and up)

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Where Can I Buy Sleekez __EXCLUSIVE__

Imagine a day where you reach down to pick up a pill you dropped under the counter and realize...for once you did not put your hand into a pile of fur from your shedding fur kid! The SleekEZ dog grooming blade will transform your life and you will visibly see the fur flying off of your dog and right into the trash where it belongs! Not only will the SleekEZ Dog grooming blade pull out loose and dead hair from your short or wire haired coated dog, but it will help keep them clean longer! This SleekEZ dog blade will pull out the dirt and grime that is left behind after several days of playing outside and inside the house bringing all sorts of "presents" for you. Start enjoying a little less "fur decoration" for your new shirt, get your SleekEZ dog blade today!

where can i buy sleekez


Medium and Small are perfect for animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits, but we also use these sizes with our horses! Medium works well under the stomach or on the chest, for example, and Small is perfect for (soft) use on the forehead, when removing thick winter coat!Do you also want to use the 3 different sizes on your horse? Or do you have other animals where you can use all three different sizes? Then we have made a package price where you can buy all three variants at the same time, with a saving of about 13 euros! Choose 'Package' under Variants and your 3 SleekEZ are in the shopping cart!Sizes:Large (horse): 25.5 cmMedium (ponies, dogs): 12, 7 cmSmall (cat, rabbit): 6.5 cm 041b061a72


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