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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Power Rangers (Ages 4 and up)

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Pink Hot Tube She Males

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pink hot tube she males

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In bins and on pale torsos lime green and hot pink bras advertise the promise of a tropical paradise on a sleet grey day in March. The red and black of Valentine's Day have been cleared away. The unseemly thongs and polyester boned corsets that were the recipe for sex and love and now this. Eleanor is looking for a bra that will fit smooth and seamless under a new jersey top she has bought for going away. When she bought the top, the saleswoman, her own breasts raised and thrusting, had suggested a different bra. Something more supportive, she advised, eyes critically raking Eleanor's chest. But there is nothing supportive in this chain lingerie store with its slim shop assistants in black pant suits, tight cinched waists, and deep cleavages. Breasts held up and apart no doubt by the industrial strength fabric of a bra like the one she is holding right now.

What stayed constant throughout the night was the repetition of the colour pink. Now, some have said that pink is the new black. While there was a lot of black, the percentage of pink was remarkable. I've yet to form an opinion on the return of the colour. I've been wearing splashes of pink for years (it made an earlier comeback in the world of graphic design, and I've been trying to push it in print for a while now).

Pink: It's not just women, and it's not just pink. It's Baby-Pink, Dusty Rose, Hot-Pink, Fuschia and more. You'll even find many a suit-and-tie guy -- from 14 to 45 -- in pale pink collars-and-cuffs this season, but for women it's fuschia fuschia fuschia. From head to toe, in some cases. In sporty sweats or miniskirts, on Crescent this fine evening.

Top two outfits of the night: a Johnny Knoxville lookalike in big, pink-tint shades and a Dusty Rose sweater-vest, and Pink-Girl... red tints in her hair, hot pink terry-cloth tube top, matching miniskirt and white legwarmers (to offset the glut of pink). Unfortunately, they were not together.

After the smashing of bottles and the hooting of the drunken masses had subsided, the street held a quiet pre-dawn charm of a ... actually, no it didn't. But it was a satisfying piece of theatre anyway. (And a profitable study in pink.) 041b061a72


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