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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Power Rangers (Ages 4 and up)

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Seven Souls Online Fix

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Seven Souls Online

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According to Sufi tradition, we have seven souls, or seven facets of the complete soul. Each represents a different stage of evolution. There are the mineral, vegetable, animal, personal, human, and secret souls, and the secret of secrets.

The Sufi model of the souls is one of balance. According to this model, spiritual growth is not a matter of developing the higher souls and ignoring or even weakening the lower ones. Each soul has valuable gifts, and in Sufism, real spiritual growth means balanced development of the whole individual, including body, mind, and spirit.

Each facet of the soul has its own dynamics, its own needs and strengths. At different times, different souls may be dominant. Knowing which soul is most active is important information for a Sufi teacher. For example, a dream that comes from one soul will be interpreted very differently than a dream from another soul.

If we are concerned about some of our souls and ignore others, we are inevitably thrown out of balance. For example, if we ignore our vegetable and animal souls, we lose touch with the fundamental needs of our bodies and put our health at risk. (A classic example are stereotypical computer programmers who are so involved with their demanding intellectual tasks that they eat junk food and suffer from chronic lack of sleep and exercise.) If we neglect our secret soul and the secret of secrets and disregard our spiritual needs, our spiritual health suffers. Many people lead lives that are rich in material success and worldly activity, yet they are spiritually malnourished. Ideally, balance of all seven souls brings about balanced health and growth and a rich, full life.

The mineral soul, the ruh madeni, is located in the skeletal system. In the diagram of the seven aspects of the soul, the mineral soul is adjacent to the secret of secrets, which is the place of the pure divine spark within each of us. The mineral world is close to God; it never revolts against divine will. Wherever a rock is placed, there it will stay eternally unless some outside force moves it.

In the Sufi model of the seven souls, all souls have to be healthy for the individual to develop as a whole human being. We all have passions, fears, and appetites, and these are useful, functional parts of us. However, they should not dominate our lives. The animal soul needs to be in balance with the other souls, not in charge. When that balance is attained, a well-developed animal soul is an invaluable asset to our health and well-being.

The next facet of the total soul is the ruh nafsani. The personal soul is located in the brain and is related to the nervous system. Just as the development of the heart and circulatory system distinguishes the animal from the plant kingdom, the development of a complex nervous system distinguishes humans from animals. This highly developed nervous system brings the capacity for greater memory and for complex thinking and planning. The intelligence of the personal soul allows us to understand our environment far more deeply than the capacities of the mineral, vegetable, and animal souls.

CHURCHILL, Pauline, 94, St. Bernard, Frenchtown, May 25. Mother of Madeline Pfeiffer and William Churchill. Sister of Rosalie Colson, Bonnie Jean Holzheimer and Elsie Jacobi. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of seven.

JARBOE, Paul J., 66, St. Paul, Tell City, May 25. Husband of Virginia (Young) Jarboe. Father of Kelly Peter, Gregg, Mark and Tim Jarboe. Brother of Sara Ann Beard, Mary Ward and William Jarboe. Grandfather of seven.

RECKELHOFF, Shirley Ann, 69, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, May 23. Wife of Robert Reckelhoff. Mother of Pam Haverly, Karen Petrie, Jamie and Steve Reckelhoff. Sister of Kay Elliott, Mertzie McRae, Martha Olinger and Gary Riester. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of one.

Tickets are available at $40, $50, $75 and $90 and can be ordered online at, by phone at 850-644-6500 or by going to the Fine Arts Ticket Office in the Fine Arts Building on the corner of Call and Copeland Streets.

In the later decades of the nineteenth century a German scientist, Emil du Bois-Reymond, delivered a notable lecture on the Seven World Riddles. The seven world riddles were the nature of matter and force, the origin of motion, the origin of life, the purposiveness of Nature, the freedom of the will, the nature of consciousness, and the connection of mind and body. Concerning the last of these problems he thought that the difficulties were so great that we must confess not merely our ignoramus but even our ignorabimus.

Of these seven world riddles, no doubt the one about the mind and its relation to the body is the hardest of all. Does matter think, and if so how can it think? Or is it a soul that thinks; and if so, what is this soul that thinks? What is its relation to the brain and to those newly discovered endocrine glands?

This program will be online via Zoom and will follow this daily schedule:11:30am-12:30pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) Body Check & Writing Intention Joanne6:30pm-8:30pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) Open Mic & Boundless Meditation Danie


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