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For instance, the store owner is in his 70s and he has considered going out of business before. Allison Anderman, an attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, says this is a classic example of gun regulation being spun to look like the bad guy.


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But as lawmakers again debate firearm restrictions in the aftermath of an elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, a member Congress actually owns a gun store: Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia's 9th Congressional District.

According to Clyde's 2021 federal financial disclosure, the congressman's stake in the store is worth anywhere between $5 million and $25 million, and it earned him between $1 million and $5 million in income in 2020 alone.

ROBBERY, 2023-03020128, 2600 block of Wilson Boulevard. At approximately 1:34 p.m. on March 2, police were dispatched to the report of an armed robbery. Upon arrival, it was determined the suspect entered the business wearing a ski mask and was asked by store employees to remove it but did not comply with their requests. The suspect then allegedly selected a firearm and ammunition and began to exit the store. Employees tried to stop him, during which the suspect attempted to strike one of the employees before fleeing the scene with the stolen items. The suspect boarded a Metro Transit bus and responding officers stopped the bus, located the suspect on board and took him into custody. During a search of his belongings, officers recovered the stolen firearm and ammunition. [The suspect], 22, of an unknown address was arrested and charged with Robbery and Prohibition of Wearing of Masks in Certain Places. He has held without bond.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis traveled to Cobb County, Georgia, on Thursday to visit a popular gun store as part of his ongoing book tour ahead of what is expected to be a presidential campaign announcement this summer.

The gun store in suburban Atlanta, Adventure Outdoors, has been a campaign stop for other Republicans, including Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Herschel Walker, who unsuccessfully sought to unseat Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock last year.

"Holding a campaign event at a gun store days after another horrific school shooting where innocent children were murdered should be beyond the pale, but Ron DeSantis seems to not care," Rep. Nikema Williams, the Democrats' state chair, said in a statement on Tuesday. "DeSantis is showing Georgians exactly where his priorities lie as he advocates for an extreme MAGA agenda that could make it easier for criminals to carry guns in Florida and puts the gun lobby ahead of our children's lives. DeSantis should cancel this event immediately."

Interesting that Bud's Gun Shop was not on the list. I've ordered from them many times and never had a problem. I would consider them in the top five and not above Brownells. I find Brownells to be higher on their prices than others. PSA is good but they never seem to have the stuff in stock when I am looking for what I want. I have ordered from them and no problem there either except once when some ammo wasn't packaged very well. Looked like it was just thrown in a box with a piece of brown paper that did nothing for protection. Someone that obviously was in too much of a hurry to get a shipment out. Never ordered anything from the others. I have been to a Sportsman's Warehouse and their prices were higher than other gun stores in my area, and not much of a selection. A gun I did want was not in stock, only the display model. The guns behind the counter were helpful but, like I said, their prices were higher. Anyway, give Bud's Gun Shop a try. I don't work for them just mentioning it here if anyone interested.

The tavor ts12 is a left handed, semi-automatic handgun that is perfect for sporting or home defense shotgun. It is a 12gauge, compact, and lightweight shotgun that is easy to maneuver and handle. With its semi-automatic action, it is fast and efficient in terms of fire power. Go there and order your guns and bulk ammunition from Masterpiecefirearm retail store

If you are fortunate enough to have a Rural King nearby then check out RK Guns. They have good prices and take care of the FFL transfer in store. You just have to be willing to order your gun and wait a few days for it to get to the store. I have purchased many through RK and have always been satisfied with the cost and process.

If you guys live in St. Louis, MO, the best store that I have come across is Saint Louis Tactical. My uncle recently purchased one and was satisfied with the entire process. They have such a huge variety of guns, shotguns rifles etc you guys can check them out on their website by the same name.

I was looking online for an AR style semiauto 12 gauge. Atlantic Firearms had a lot of selection but little in stock, I eventually found what I wanted at Grabagun, shipping was super quick.I ran into this scam website called Very similar logo to Lenny's glockstore it with the .org instead of the .com. Everything was in stock and a lot less expensive than everywhere I'd looked. The payment options were sketchy, no credit cards just PayPal and Western Union. And shipping to an FFL was optional. I imagine they are preying on new gun buyers. Stay far away!

Articles like this are why our gun culture and heritage are under attack. How do we expect to retain our right to bear arms when we advocate undercutting the local community gun stores. Of course if you are trying to find a odd part, particular firearm then on line can be the only choice. However, have we not learned from the recent pandemic limiting our access and shipping as well as the rioting that a local community needs to be supported. And how do we expect the local store to have the selection and pricing if we are always simply shopping for the best price (generally not much better if you figure in shipping and transfer fees) rather than being a customer and cultivating a local relationship.

Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has been great to me over 3-4 firearm purchases (free shipping) and 6-8 ammo purchases. Very attentive customer support and shipping gets an honorable mention as a niche maker of excellent 6.8SPC and 5.56 barrels and bolts. Great for hunting builds, and guaranteed MoA with a lapped receiver and good ammo.

I like that is featuring firearms from small mom-and-pop gun shops from across the country on their site! Great way to buy online and STILL support the local gun stores that deserve our business.

Something to note about buds. You mentioned likely insane volume, Buds does not touch the vast majority of guns, they sell and ship directly from distribution. Which is why they can charge literally $10 over cost compared to what a regular local gun store can buy them for. Which is also why local gun stores generally charge more for transfers from Buds.Buds is helping put the little guy out of business

Just remember, for new guns, if you are in California, a lot of the gun shops that you WILL have to have the gun shipped to will charge you over $100 interstate transfer fee as well as CA State tax in addition to the DROS. Some stores do not do this if you buy the gun through Gallery of Guns. Some stores are nice and charge less for this action. Be sure to shop around. Regardless, the transfer fee can really cut into savings of out-of-state purchases. Also remember that in California, if the handgun is new, it must be on the CA DOJ Roster. That means no brand new Glock Gen 4 or 5, for example, unless you are an LEO. If you are an LEO or If you don't live in California, don't worry about this and consider yourself lucky.

Yes I agree. No FFL transfer fee if a firearm is shipped to a RK store, and $13 flat rate shipping. The only negative is that the selection is not the greatest and a lot of the guns come up as Out of Stock .

I bought a Glock 32 from Palmetto State Armory as it seemed to be the only store that had one in the USA. I assigned it to a local LGS who proceeded to tell me "we could have gotten it for you!" and I said "No you couldn't have and besides if I went that route, you'd have tried to sell me something I didn't want out of your stock which I can buy anywhere, That's why I chose this route.". Palmetto State Armory deserves mention and they have the 'build your own' AR biz down pat too!

The best part of Sportsman's Guide for me is that I live 5 miles away from them and I can go to their store and order almost anything from the catalog and have it handed to me in a matter of minutes. I've been shopping there for 30 plus years.

Gun dealers tell U.S. News they can and do refuse to sell to people they have a bad feeling about and say that fellow gun store owners could help prevent lunatics and religious fanatics from acquiring the tools needed for mass murder.

In Florida, Lotus Gunworks co-owner Robert Abell said this week his store refused to sell body armor and ammunition to gunman Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 people Sunday at a nightclub, after his questions and demeanor raised red flags.

Hallinan says if gun stores somehow were able to block all sales to would-be killers, weapons still can be purchased illegally, though most street items are cheap handguns rather than more expensive semiautomatic weapons like the Sig Sauer MCX used by Mateen. 041b061a72


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