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What You Need to Know About Orange Pi 800: The Keyboard PC with 6-Core Processor and Dual-Band WiFi

The supported operating system images are not available for download yet, but should eventually show up on the Download page on the Orange Pi website, and hopefully, there will be images released by the Armbian community as well.

orange pi 800 download


I downloaded the latest Manjaro image from their website on the Pi 800 downloads page. At the time of download it was version 22.07. I flashed this onto the SD card using the Win32DiskImager that I got from their downloads page, according to their OPI800 guide.

You can also manually run the application (if you are not running Manjaro ARM) by downloading this python script, make it executable with chmod +x manjaro-arm-flasher, install the dependencies listed in the and then run it with sudo ./manjaro-arm-flasher.

First we need to extract the image from the OrangePi_Zero2_Android10_v1.1.tar.gz file we downloaded earlier. If you are on Windows you may need a utility to extract a .tar.gz file. I recommend 7zip for that which is a great open source utility that can extract just about anything.

Until now. The Obico team has decided to take stab at this problem by figuring all it takes to build an image that you can just download and flash to an SD card to get OctoPrint up and running. This makes it just as easy to run OctoPrint on an Orange Pi as it's on a Raspberry Pi.

If you are not a fan of Windows, you can also switch to a Mac-themed setup inside Orange Pi Droid, although the option for the latter is not available at the moment. You can download the Orange Pi Droid on the official website.

Asking cause i was trying to run Armbian_22.11.0-trunk_Orangepi-800_jammy_current_5.19.17.img on Orange Pi 4, everything that i need was working. Bluetooth wasn't. Then apt upgrade erased orangepi-800.dtb, and i had to manually put it back.

The easiest option is to purchase the Amiga Forever 9 Value Edition from Cloanto via This costs around $10. Once downloaded, the files should initially be saved to a safe location, before copying to a USB stick.

Secondly, Orange Pi marketing manager Xiafei explained how to get started with Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core on the Orange Pi Zero ( CPU: Quad-core Cortex-A7, RAM: 256MB/512MB, GPU: Mali400MP2 GPU @600MHz), as well as how to submit snaps into their application store. The image is ready, you download from here. Orange Pi also has its own logistics/high technology/capital business industry, also provides the solution for IoT, bigdata, cloud companies. They share the Orange Pi Zero image making procedure and how to configure after the first bootup.

Otherwise, on a Windows computer, you will see the "/boot" partition appear as the contents of SD card. You can download the latest GPU firmware version here.Click on view raw, then save it, and put the new start.elf file on the sdcard replacing the existing one. Similarly, the latest kernel is here.After updating these files you should be able to boot. You still need to run rpi-update to update the kernel modules (in /lib/modules) and the GPU libraries (in /opt/vc).

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The USB driver allocates memory from the kernel, and when traffic is very high (e.g. when using torrents/newsgroup downloads) this memory can be exhausted causing crashes/hangs. (Crashes with high network load can also be related to your power supply, try a powered usb hub.) You should have a line like:

you may be out of storage space on the SD card. By default there are only a few hundred MB free in the 2 GB main partition, which can quickly fill up if you download files. Make sure there is some space free (gparted can expand a partition, if the SD card is > 2GB). Also, installing some software may incorrectly create or modify a .Xauthority file in your home directory, causing startx to fail, according to this thread. Temporarily renaming, moving, or deleting that file may fix the problem.


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