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Smallville is an American television series developed by writer/producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, and was initially broadcast by The WB. After its fifth season, the WB and UPN merged to form The CW, which was the second broadcaster for the show in the United States.[1] The series features a regular cast of characters, which began with eight main characters in its first season. Since then, characters from that first season have left the series, with new main characters having been both written in and out of the series. In addition, Smallville features guest stars each week, as well as recurring guests that take part in mini story arcs that span a portion of a season. Occasionally, the recurring guest storylines will span multiple seasons.

You have requested : Supergirl.S03E16.MP4.LEG.B...

With five months devoted to casting for the pilot, Gough and Miller cast ultimately hired eight actors to take on the role of series regulars for the first season. Since then, only two characters from the first season have remained regulars through to the tenth season, with eight new actors taking on lead roles from seasons two through nine. Four of those new actors began as recurring guests in their first seasonal appearance, but were given top billing the following season. As the series progresses, recurring guests appear at various times to help move the overall storyline of the show or just provide a side-story arc for one of the main characters, such as Brainiac or Adam Knight. Other recurring guests appear as background characters, showing up for only a few scenes, which includes characters like Sheriff Nancy Adams or Dr. Virgil Swann.

Eric Johnson auditioned for the roles of Lex and Clark, before finally being cast as Whitney Fordman. When the producers called him in for a third audition, Johnson informed them that if they wanted him then they would bring him in for a screen-test. After the screen-test, Johnson was cast and spent only one day filming his scenes for the pilot.[28] The producers, along with Johnson, wanted to portray Whitney as more than just the "stereotypical jock" that he could have easily become, in an effort to make sure Lana did not look stupid for going out with him. Whitney was given multiple storylines in season one in an effort to get audiences to view the character in a more pleasant light,[28] but Kristin Kreuk felt that it was all for naught, as the audience only sees him through Clark's eyes.[29]

Jones was not alone in his wish to get more screen time; the writers, who were reading Internet forums and receiving mail from the audience that requested the same thing, decided that Pete would learn Clark's secret in season two. The creative team hoped that knowing Clark's secret would allow the character to be written into more scenes, and become involved on a daily basis with the Kent family.[38] Ultimately, Pete's primary story arc in season three became the character's inability to deal with knowing Clark's secret, and his growing feeling of abandonment from Clark, who was spending more time with Chloe, Lana and Lex.[37] Millar explains that they felt that the character was being wasted on Smallville, and that led to the decision of writing the character off the show with the hope that he could come back in future episodes. There was dissension between the cast and crew over Jones's departure. According to Annette O'Toole (Martha Kent), Clark needs a guy friend in his life, and she feels that the Kents would have taken Pete in when his parents left Smallville.[37] Though Gough does not disagree that writing out Pete Ross was the best thing, he does feel that his exit could have gone better. According to Gough, Pete's departure felt rushed, and seemed to lack the importance that it should have had.[39]

O'Toole relished the opportunity that came with Jonathan's passing, even though she was saddened to see a friend leave the show. Martha taking the senate seat was a chance to explore more adult stories with her character beginning midway through season five, which was important for the actress since Clark was becoming an adult on the show. It also allowed for O'Toole the chance to depict "strong emotions" over Jonathan's death. Al Gough feels that Jonathan's passing allowed for them to explore more of Martha's smart and strong side, as well as her relationship with Lionel. The idea was to show that there was some form of attraction between Martha and Lionel, but that Martha would never have any romantic relationship with the billionaire, especially after all that he had done to her family.[53] O'Toole likens Martha's interest in Lionel with that of watching a dangerous animal: "It's that attraction you have for a very beautiful, dangerous animal. You know you can't stop watching it, but at the same time you feel, 'Oh my God, he's going to kill me'". The actress believes that Martha's ultimate motivation was to get close enough to Lionel to know what he is planning to do to Clark. When it came time for Martha to leave the show, writer Todd Slavkin contends that they wanted to give the character "more of a send-off" than they achieved on film. Slavkin explains that they could not do anything equivalent to what they gave John Schneider, as there were already so many storylines going on by the season six finale that they could not fit anything else in. The writers also realized that they could not kill off the character, and so chose to send her to the US Senate, creating a parallel to Clark where Martha fights injustice on the political stage.[54]

Millar and Gough loved the idea of casting John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, as they felt he gave the show a recognizable face from his days as Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard. Gough felt that Schneider's experience portraying Bo Duke added belief that he could have grown up running a farm.[2] Schneider was initially uninterested, but after reading the pilot script he saw the potential for bringing back "real parenting" to television. Schneider particularly saw his character as a means to replace the "goof" father-figures that had become prevalent on television. He also saw his character as a means to keep the show grounded in reality, specifically by making sure that Jonathan's life is clearly displayed for the audience, by performing a daily routine on the farm.[60]

John Glover portrays Lex's father, Lionel Luthor. Lionel initially sends his son to Smallville to run the local fertilizer plant, as a test.[14] When Lex succeeds in making a profit for the first time in years, Lionel closes the plant down completely and blames it on Lex's poor managerial skills.[19] As the series progresses, Lionel becomes interested in the Kawatche caves, which have Kryptonian symbols painted on their walls; his interests also extend to the secrets Clark keeps.[64] After being possessed by Jor-El in the season five episode "Hidden",[65] Lionel begins assisting Clark in keeping his secret hidden from Lex.[66] In season seven, Lionel is murdered by Lex, who realizes that his father has been covering up the truth about an alien visitor.[67]

After having her face burned in the season nine finale, Tess wakes up in the season ten premiere, with her face healed, in a secret lab surrounded by clones of Lex.[113] In the tenth-season episode "Abandoned", it is revealed that Tess was born Lutessa Lena Luthor and is the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Luthor, conceived with Lex's nanny, Pamela Jenkins. She was brought, by Lionel, to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness when she was 5 years old.[114] Shortly after Tess arrived at the orphanage, Lionel returned and removed Tess from Granny Goodness's guardianship. Granny Goodness wiped most of Tess's memories before Lionel put Tess up for adoption with the Mercer family.[114] In the series finale, Tess is killed by the revived Lex Luthor after she administers a neurotoxin that removes all of the clone's memories in an effort to protect Clark's secret identity.[115][116] In the season eleven comic, the neurotoxin caused a psychic link between the two, which caused her consciousness to leave her body and enter Lex's brain, when her body passed away.[117] Eventually, Tess's friends discover this and have her consciousness uploaded into the computer system at Watchtower.[118] At the conclusion of season 11, Tess downloads herself into an android body and becomes Red Tornado.[119]

Sam Witwer portrays Davis Bloome, a paramedic for Metropolis General Hospital. He first appears in the season eight episode "Plastique", assisting Chloe with helping an injured person after a bomb explosion.[105] In the episode "Toxic", Chloe calls on his help when Oliver is poisoned and refuses to be taken to a hospital.[107] In "Prey", Clark begins to suspect that Davis is a serial killer after he finds Davis unconscious at one of the murder scenes, and learns later that Davis is usually the first paramedic to arrive on similar scenes. Davis starts to suspect the same thing himself when he begins to lose track of large portions of time, and finds himself covered in blood, but with no wounds on his own body.[106] Davis is informed by Faora, the wife of General Zod, that after the pair learned they could not have children that he was genetically created to adapt to any injury and to be Earth's ultimate destroyer.[102] In "Abyss", Davis confesses to Chloe that he is in love with her, and believes that she is marrying the wrong man; as a result she asks him to not see her again.[120] On Chloe's wedding day, in the episode "Bride", Davis transforms into the hulking monster called Doomsday, and travels to Smallville where he injures Jimmy and kidnaps Chloe.[87] In the episode "Infamous", Davis discovers that he can keep Doomsday from emerging if he kills, and subsequently begins choosing criminals as his victims.[121] He subsequently learns that Chloe's presence will also keep the monster at bay in the episode "Turbulence",[88] and in "Beast" Davis and Chloe leave town together so that Davis can keep Doomsday from coming out.[122] In the season eight finale, Chloe uses black kryptonite to separate Davis from Doomsday, leaving him human; when Davis discovers that Chloe does not love him he stabs Jimmy with a pipe. Before Davis can attack Chloe, Jimmy pushes him into a metal rod, which results in Davis's death before Jimmy himself dies.[89] 041b061a72


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