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Thor 2011 Brrip 720p Dual Audio Subtitles !!TOP!!


Thor: The God of Thunder Strikes on Blu-ray

Thor, the Marvel superhero movie based on the Norse mythology, is now available on Blu-ray with dual audio and subtitles. The movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins, tells the story of Thor, the arrogant and powerful god of thunder, who is banished to Earth by his father Odin after reigniting a war with the Frost Giants. There, he meets and falls in love with astrophysicist Jane Foster, while his brother Loki plots to usurp the throne of Asgard.

The Blu-ray edition of Thor features a stunning 720p high-definition transfer that showcases the spectacular visual effects and cinematography of the movie. The sound quality is also impressive, with a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track that delivers the thunderous action and epic score. The Blu-ray also includes a number of bonus features, such as deleted scenes, commentary by Branagh, a featurette on the creation of Asgard, a short film called The Consultant that connects Thor to The Avengers, and more.

thor 2011 brrip 720p dual audio subtitles

Thor is a thrilling and entertaining movie that fans of Marvel comics and movies will enjoy. The Blu-ray offers a great way to experience the movie at home with dual audio and subtitles options. If you are looking for a fun and exciting adventure with a touch of romance and humor, Thor is the movie for you.



Thor is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that introduces the cosmic realm of Asgard and its inhabitants. The movie explores the themes of family, duty, honor, and redemption, as Thor learns to be a worthy hero and leader. The movie also sets up the conflict between Thor and Loki, who becomes one of the most complex and charismatic villains in the MCU. The movie also features some memorable supporting characters, such as Jane's friends Darcy and Erik, Thor's loyal friends the Warriors Three and Lady Sif, and the mysterious gatekeeper Heimdall.

The movie also boasts some impressive action sequences, such as Thor's battle with the Frost Giants on Jotunheim, his fight with the Destroyer on Earth, and his final confrontation with Loki on the Rainbow Bridge. The movie also showcases Thor's iconic hammer Mjolnir, which can only be wielded by those who are worthy. The movie also has some humorous moments, such as Thor's fish-out-of-water antics on Earth, his encounter with a pet store clerk, and his attempt to order another cup of coffee by smashing his mug.

Thor is a movie that balances spectacle and character development, fantasy and reality, drama and comedy. It is a movie that appeals to a wide range of audiences, from comic book fans to casual viewers. It is a movie that establishes Thor as one of the most popular and beloved superheroes in the MCU. It is a movie that deserves to be watched on Blu-ray with dual audio and subtitles.



Thor is not only a movie, but also a part of a larger cinematic universe that connects to other Marvel movies and characters. The movie features several references and easter eggs that hint at the existence of other superheroes and events in the MCU. For example, Thor's hammer Mjolnir is first seen in a post-credits scene of Iron Man 2, where it is discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson in New Mexico. Coulson also appears in Thor as one of the main S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who investigates Thor's arrival on Earth. The movie also introduces Hawkeye, another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and future Avenger, who briefly appears as a sniper during Thor's attempt to retrieve his hammer.

The movie also foreshadows the events of The Avengers, the first crossover movie in the MCU that brings together Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye to fight against Loki and his alien army. The movie reveals that Loki is actually adopted by Odin and is the biological son of Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants. Loki also discovers the Tesseract, a powerful cosmic cube that contains one of the Infinity Stones, which he later uses to open a portal for the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers. The movie also shows Thor's first encounter with Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the leader of the Avengers Initiative, who offers him a place in his team.

Thor is a movie that expands the scope and scale of the MCU, introducing new worlds, characters, and threats. It is a movie that enriches the mythology and history of the MCU, creating a more diverse and complex universe. It is a movie that prepares the audience for the epic and ambitious crossover that is The Avengers. It is a movie that deserves to be watched on Blu-ray with dual audio and subtitles.

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