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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Riedel Wine Glasses Buy 6 Get 8

Timeless and elegant RIEDEL Veritas is fine blown and light weight. Executed in sparking crystal this classic glass collection is perfectly balanced in hand. RIEDEL Veritas is designed based on the iconic RIEDEL Grape Varietal Specific bows which bring optimum wine enjoyment.

riedel wine glasses buy 6 get 8

The Cabernet glass is perfect for full-bodied, complex red wines that are high in tannin. The generous size of this glass allows the bouquet to develop fully, and smooths out the rough edges. It emphasises the fruit, playing down the bitter qualities of the tannin, and allows wines to achieve balance. This pack offers a great deal for eight glasses. Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

The Riedel family has never stamped its name on a single bottle of wine. But over the past 50 years, this Austrian clan of master glassmakers has done more to enhance the oenophile's pleasure than almost any winemaking dynasty. The Riedel revolution began in the 1960s, when the firm created the world's first line of wine glasses shaped specifically for different grape varieties. Now Riedel has designed a new set of lead-crystal decanters inspired by the bird life of Murano, the Venetian island famed for its glassware. The three decanters boast an avian grace: the Swan's swooping body, the Flamingo's long slender neck and the Paloma's dove-like curves. And as with any Riedel product, they are masterpieces of function as well as form. Exposing wine to oxygen for a few hours before pouring can improve its taste (thanks to a chemical reaction known as aeration), so each of the $480 decanters has been shaped to maximize a wine's contact with the air as you empty the bottle into it.

Although the decanters might look unwieldy — the Swan and Flamingo stand two feet (0.6 m) tall — they are perfectly balanced to prevent spillage. So you won't lose a drop when you're filling your dinner guests' glasses.

Riedel's Cocktail Collection offers the same attention to detail as their wine glasses with spirit specific glasses and craft cocktail glasses. Enjoy single malt, cognac, whiskey sours, and martinis like never before. Elevate your gin and tonics with Riedel's Gin and Tonic Glasses. Travel back in time with their retro cocktail glasses and you'll feel like you're sipping your "Last Word" in an alleyway speakeasy. Elevate your home bar with wine and cocktail glasses from Riedel. Cheers! 041b061a72


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