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Generic Bluetooth Driver [BEST]

since the bluetooth wireless adapter is used to connect your bluetooth headset, it must be installed before you can use the bluetooth headset. in case you have bluetooth headset which works well with your bluetooth headset so that you can listen to music or speak on your bluetooth headset, and if the bluetooth headset connects to your computer via usb port, the bluetooth wireless adapter must be installed on your computer. this is a common method for bluetooth headset use on windows. if you have a bluetooth headset that connects to your computer directly, you can skip this step. another way to get your bluetooth wireless adapter working is to use a usb bluetooth adapter if the bluetooth headset has a usb port on its side.

Generic bluetooth driver

in case you have a usb bluetooth adapter and bluetooth headset, open the device manager, and then go to view the hardware tab. this way, you can easily install and register the bluetooth wireless adapter.

if you are unable to install the bluetooth wireless adapter to your computer, search the web, and find the latest version of bluetooth wireless adapter file for your version of windows. in case you are using windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you can visit windows updates for your device .

if you are using windows 10, open the windows update menu and then select more options. this will open the windows update window. click the check for updates button. you can also search the web for the latest version of the bluetooth wireless adapter for your operating system. the file you can download for your operating system will be named bluetooth adapter for your device.


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