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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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BookReader 5.13

I have a 10th gen Basic and a 7th gen Voyage. I so dislike the newer interface that I decided to stick with the Voyage. The only thing I wish I could do is update the browser in the Voyage without changing the interface. Will jailbreaking the Voyage allow me to do that? It is version 5.13.6

BookReader 5.13

  • This document contains the release notes for SAFARI Montage v8.7. Please note that this version has several server requirements that must be met before updating:Servers updating from SAFARI Montage v8.5 and earlier utilizing OneRoster CSV imports must migrate the OneRoster import configuration from the previous SIS Import implementation to the new OneRoster implementation as soon as possible. SIS Import is no longer supported, and will be removed in the Summer 2021 release. A guide for this migration is available here.

  • Servers updating from SAFARI Montage v8.2 and earlier require FreeBSD v10.1 or later OS drives.

  • Servers updating from SAFARI Montage v7.5 and earlier must ensure SSL is configured to support third party integrations and LTI Consumer Tools use HTTPS when configuring the LTI Launch URL.

  • Servers updating from SAFARI Montage v7.2 and earlier will require an intermediate update to SAFARI Montage v7.5.13.

  • Servers updating from SAFARI Montage v4.x and earlier will require a new OS drive and may require increased RAM or a new server.

Please contact SAFARI Montage Technical Support (1-800-782-7230) regarding SAFARI Montage v8.7 update options. 041b061a72


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