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Govinda Damodara StotramBy Sage BilwamangalaTranslated by P. R. Ramachander[This Stotra has been composed by Sage Bilvamangala, who is alsoknown as Lila Sukha. His greatest work of course is Sri KrishnaKarnamritha. Nothing much is known about the period in whichthis great sage lived. There is a general agreement that hebelongs to South India, visited Dwaraka and later visitedBrindavan and attained Samadhi there. Some people believe thathe was from Andhra Pradesh. Taking in to account the fact thathe is a part of large number of folk tales of Kerala(Bilwamangalathu Swamiyar), his verse from Sri KrishnaKarnamrutha is the first verse of the very popular BalaMukundashtakam which is recited in Kerala and also the fact thathe refers to wearing of tiger claw (a practice in Kerala) by theyoung Krishna in several places, I tend to agree with the schoolof thought that he originally belonged to Kerala. TheGovinda-Damodhara Stotram is the ecstatic outpouring of pureunalloyed Bhakti of this great savant to Lord Krishna. Hepictures all the devotees of Lord Krishna, sharing his ecstasyand so deeply drunk by these names, that they do not talk ofanything else under all circumstances that they are in. One ofthe sloka is from Bhagwatham and few resemble the verses ofMukunda Mala. I am sure that before you complete reading this,you would also be intoxicated by the name of Lord Krishna.]Agre kurunaam atha pandavanam, Dushasane ahwatha vastra kesha, Krishnaa tad akroshad ananya natha, Govinda, damodara Madavethi. 1When in front of Kurus and Pandavas, Dushasana dragged her by her cloths and hair, Angered, Draupadi seeing no other lord, Called Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara, Oh Madhava.Govinda - He who lifted the earth (Go) Or He who is the chief ofcows. Damodhara - He who is known by knowledge got by self restraintOr He who was tied by Yasodha in the stomach Or He who keeps inhis belly the world called Dhama.Madhava - He who was born in the family of Madhu.Sri Krishna Vishno Madhu Kaitabhare, Bhakthanukampin Bhagawan murare, Trayasya maam keshava loka natha, Govinda, Damodhara Madavethi. 2Hey Krishna, Hey Vishnu who killed Madhu and Kaidabha, Hey lord who has pity on his devotees, Hey Lord who killed the asura called Mura, Hey Kesava, Hey Lord of the world, save me, Hey Govinda, Hey Damodara, Hey Madhava.Vikrethu kamakhila Gopa Kanya, Murari padarpitha chitha Vruthi, Dadyodhakam moha vasad avochad, Govinda, Damodara, Madhavethi. 3The lovelorn Gopa maiden having offeredHer mind at the feet of Lord Murari, While selling Curds in the street, Due to her passion filled mind, Cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodara and Oh Madhava.Ulukhale Sambharitha thandulamsa cha, Saighatyayantyo musalai pramugdha, Gayanthi gopyo janithanuragha, Govinda, Damodhara, Madhavethi. 4Pounding the mortar full of grains, With the pestle again and again, The Gopis due to their budding love, Sing Oh Govinda, Oh Damodara and Oh Madhava.Kachithramboja pute nishannam, Krida shukam kimshuka ratna thundam, Adhyapayamasa saroruhakshi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 5A lotus beauty instructed a playful parrot, With a bright red beak which was seated On the edge of her hand to say, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Gruha gruhe Gopa vadhu samooha, Prathi kshanam pinjara sarikanam, Skalad giram vachayithum pravrutho, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 6In every home, every second of their timeThe bevy of Gopa brides are engaged, In making the caged parrots repeat, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Paryaykinkabjham alam kumaram, Prasvapayonthyakhila gopa kanya, Jagu prabhandam swara thala badham, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 7Rocking their little ones to sleep in their cradle, All gopa lasses with expertise sing, This lullaby with proper notes and beatsOh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Ramanujam veekshana keli lolam, Gopi grahithva nava nitha golam, Abalakam balakam ajuhva, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 8Examining the brother of Bala Rama, With ever shifting and playful eyes, The gopis offer a ball of fresh butter, To attract the child and call Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Vichithra varnabhirama rame, Bindehi vakthrambhuja raja hamse, Sada madhiyee rasengri range, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 9Hey tongue who is like the royal swan, And who is interested in chanting of.Those very ever attractive names, Always keep enjoying those juicy names, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Ankhadhi rudam shishu gopa gudham, Stanam dayantham kamalaika kantham, Sambodhayam aasa mudha yasodha, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 10Oh Lord of the lady of the lotus, As a baby sitting on the lap of Yasodha daintily, You used to drink milk from her breast, And she drowned in the bliss, used to address you, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Krithantham anthara vrajam athmanamaswam, Samam vayasaihi pasu pala balaa, Premna yasodha prajuhava krishnam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 11In the land of Vraja, when Krishna, Was playing with youths of his age, Who looked after the cows, Addressing him alone, Yasodha called, That Krishna whom she loved as, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Yasodhaya gadham ulukalena, Go kantha pasena nibhadyamanam, Rurodha mandam nava nita bhoji, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 12Tied tightly to the mortar by Yasodha, With the rope that was used to tie cows, Slightly whimpering, that boy who ate butter said, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Nijanangane kankana keli lolam, Gopi grahithwa navanitha golam, Amardayath pani talena netre, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 13When in the courtyard Krishna, Was playing with a bangle, That Gopi shut his eyes from the back playfully, And produced before him a ball of butter, Murmuring, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Gruhe gruhe vadhu kadambha, Sarve milithwa samvaya yoge, Punyani namani pathanthi nithyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 14Whenever in houses and homes, the gopi ladies, Met each other and started talking, Daily they used to repeat your holy names, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Mandhara male vadanabhiramam, Bhimbadare puritha venu nadam, Go gopa gopi jana madhya samastham, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 15Seeing that ever attractive boy standing below a coral tree, Singing pleasant notes with flute kept near his reddish lips, All cows, gopas and gopi maidens amidst other people, used tochant, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Uthaya gopyo aparathra bhoge, Smrithwa Yasoda Sutha bala kelim, Gayanthi proccair mantha yantho, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 16The Gopis having woken up just before dawn, And remembering the pranks of the son of Yasoda, Used to sing together loudly while churning for butter, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Jaagadho atha datho navanitha pindo, Gruhe Yasoda vickitsayanthi, Uvacha satyam vacha hey murare, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 17Having woken up and having made the ball of butter, Yasoda, in her home, became suspicious and told, Please tell me the truth Hey Murari, Hey Govinda, Hey Damodhara and Hey Madhava.Abyarchya geham yuvathi pravriddha, Prema pravaha dadhi nirmamantha, Gayanthi gopyo atha sakhi sametha, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 18After the morning prayers, when lasses, With increased torrent of love, churn the curds.The Gopis sing along with their friends, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Kwachith prabhathe dadhi purna pathre, Nikshipya manthum yuvathi mukundam, Alokya ganam vividham karothi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 19Rarely in the mornings, with vessel full of curds, The young ladies used to put the churn in the pot, And saw Mukunda there and broke into variety, Of soulful music and started singing, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Kreedarpanam bhojana majjanartham, Hithaishini stree thanujam Yasodha, Ajhuhavat prema pariplutakshi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 20When Krishna dedicates himself to play, Disregarding even food and bath, The great lady Yasoda with concern for him, And with overwhelming flood of love used to Call Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Sukham sayanam nilaye cha Vishnu, Devarshi mukhya munaya prapanna, Thenachyuthe tanmayatham vrajanthi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 21Seeing Vishnu sleeping comfortably on his bed, The chief of deva sages who have surrendered to him, Attain the same state as the Lord Achyutha by singing, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Vihaya Nidhram arunodaye cha, Vidhya krutyani cha vipra mukhya, Vedavasane prapadanthi nithyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 22Forsaking sleep and waking up before dawn, The chief of Brahmins after completing their studies, And after chanting Vedas, daily take steps to chant, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Vrundavane gopa ganascha gopyo, Vilokya govinda viyoga khinnam, Radham jaghusasru vilochanabhyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 23In the Brindavan the crowds of Gopa and gopis, Seeing the tears starting to flow from eyes of Radha, Due to the parting of Govinda who was departing cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Prabhatha sanchara gatanu gava, Sthad rakanartham tanaya Yasodha, Prabodhayat pani talena mandam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 24Seeing the departure of cows in the morning, In order to protect her son, Yasodha patted him slowly and gently and muttered, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Pravala shobha iva deergha kesa, Vatambu parnasana pootha deha, Moole tharunam munaya pathanthi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 25Shining like coral, possessing long hair, Keeping this body alive by eating leaves, And sitting on the roots of trees, those sages say, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Evam bruvana virahathura brusam, Vruja striya Krishna vishiktha manasa, Visrujya lajjam rurudhu sma suswaram, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 26Having heard these words, the lovelorn crowd.Of the ladies of Brindavan, with a tumultuous mind, Threw away their sense of modesty, cried and repeated in a sadvoice, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.[This verse is identical to one with the Sloka in Bhagawathamwhich describes the reaction of Gopis to the words of sageAkroora.The poet must have taken it from there.]Gopi kadchin mani pinjarastham, Shukam vacho vachayithum pravritha, Ananda kanda, Vruja Chandra Krishna, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 27The gopis sometimes, made their parrot, Put in a gilded cage teach them to recite, Piece of our happiness, Oh Moon of Vruja, Oh Krishna, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Go vathsa balai shishu kaka paksham, Badanantham ambhoja dalayathaksham, Uvacha matha chibukam grahithwa, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 28When the lord with eyes like the lotus leaf, Tied the pigtails of the cowherd boys to the cow, His mother caught hold of his chin and told, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Prabhata kale vara vallavagha, Go rakshanartham drutha vethra dandai, Akaryam asurananthamaadhyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 29In the mornings, the chosen cow herd boys, Came holding sticks of cane to protect the cows, And called the causeless, limitless and primeval lord, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Jalashaya kaliya mardanayaYada kadambadapatan murare, Gopanganas chakra suretya gopa, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 30When Lord Murari jumped from the Kadambha tree, To chastise Kaliya standing in the river pond, The gopa maidens devas and gopa lads sang out, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Akruram asadya yada Mukunda, Sachapothsavartham mathuram pravishta, Tada sa pauraiy jayathethi bani, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 31When Krishna entered the city of Mathura With the dissimilar looking sage Akroora, To attend the festival of the bow, The citizens of that city cried, Victory, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Kamsasya duthena yadaaiva nithau, Vrindavanathad vasudeva sunou, Rurodha gopi bhavanasya madhye, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 32When the messenger of Kamsa took away.From Vrindavana, the sons of Vasudeva, The gopis wept bitterly inside their houses, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Sarovare kaliya naga badham, Shisum Yasodha thanayam nishamya, Chakrur lutayantha pathi gopa bala, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 33Seeing that the baby son of Yasodha, Was tied by the kaliya serpent of the pond, The helpless gopa boys rolled with sorrow and cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Akrurayane yadu vamsa nadham, Samagachanaam mathuram nirikshya, Uvacuha viyogatkila gopa bala, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 34Seeing the departure to Mathura, Of the lord of Yadus in Akroora's chariot And feeling the pain of separation the gopa lads cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Chakranda gopi nalini vanante, Krishnena hina kusume shayana, Prafulla neelothphala lochanabhyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 35When a gopi lays down on a bed of flowers, At the edge of the forest without Krishna, With tears from her blue lotus like eyes, she cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Mata pithrubhyam parivaramana, Geham pravishta vilapa gopi, Agathya maam palaya viswanatha, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 36Brought up strictly by her mother and father, A gopi reaching her home cried, Please come and take care of me, Oh Lord of the world, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Vrindavanastham harim ashu budhya, Gopi gathakapi vanam nishayyam, Tatrapi adrishta vathi bhayad avochad, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 37Thinking that Hari would be in Brindavan at night, A quick witted gopi went there, And when she did not find him, cried with fear, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Sukham shayana nilaye nijepi, Namani Vishno pravadanthi marthya, They nischitham thanmayathwam vrujanthi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 38Even pleasantly lying down in the bed room, Those men who repeat the names of Lord Vishnu, Would attain a form similar to you, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Saa neerajakshim avalokya radham, Rurodha govinda viyoga khinnam, Sakhi praphullothpala lochanabhyam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 39Seeing Radha with her lotus like eyes, Crying due to the parting with Goviinda, Her friend also shed tears from her pretty eyes murmuring, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Jihve rasajje madhura priya thwam, Sathyam hitham thwam paramam vadhami, Avarnayetha madhuraksharani, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 40Hey tongue, among the tastes, you like sweets best, And I am telling the truth that is good to you, Please instead always recite the sweet letters, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Athyanthika vyadhi haraa janaanaam, Chikithsam Veda vidho vadanthi, Samsara thapa traya nasa bhijam, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 41Those who are most learned in Vedas say, The greatest cure for all diseases of all people, And which also uproots of three types of pains of the world is,Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Thatha jayagachathi Ramachandre, Sa lakshmane aranya chaye sithe, Chakrantha ramasya nija janithri, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 42Seeing the departure of Ramachandra, With Lakshmana along with Sita to the shade of forests, The mother of Rama cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Ekakini danda kananath, Sa niyama ayana Dasa kanda harena, Sita thadakroshad ananya natha, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 43Alone in the forest of Dandaka, When helplessly being taken away by Ravana, Sita with anger not accepting any other lord cried, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Ramadhi vyuktha Janakathmaja sa, Vichinthayanthi hrudhi Rama roopam, Rurodha Sita Raghunatha pahi, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 44Separated from the Rama, the daughter of Janaka, Thought of the Form of Rama in her mind, And cried, Oh Lord of Raghu clan, save me, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Praseedha Vishno Raghu Vamsa natha, Suruasuranaam sukha dukha hetho, Rurodha sita Samudhra Madhye.Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 45In the middle of the Ocean cried Sita, Please save me Lord Vishnu, Lord of Raghu clan, Who gives happiness and sorrow to asuras and devas, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Antar jale graham grahitha pado, Visrishta, viklishta samastha bandhu, Tada gajendro nitaram jagada, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 46His feet caught inside the water, Along with harassed and frightened friends, That Lord of elephants cried again and again to the world, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Hamsadwaja shankayutho dadarsa, Puthram kathahe prapatantam enaam, Punyani naamani harer japantham, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 47Hamsadwaja saw his priest Shankayuta, Falling in to the vat with his son, Who was chanting the holy names of Lord Hari, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.[I could not find out any reference to this story. Hamsadwajawas one great king who fought with Arjuna and almost defeatedhim. He had a son called Sudhanwa.]Durvaso vakyahma upethya Krishnaa, Sach abraveet kanana vasineesham, Anthaprathishtam manase juhava, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 48Draupadi hearing the words of Durvasa, Invited him for food in spite of living in the forest, Because she has installed you deep in her mind The names Govinda, Damodhara and Madhava.Dhyayeh sada yoghibir aprameya, Chintha harsha chinthitha pari jata, Kasthurika kalpitha nila varno, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 49The incomparable sages, meditate always on him As Govinda, Damodhara and MadhavaWho is the Giver of happy thoughts and is the cure for thoseworried, And is of bluish colour and with the sweet scent of musk.Samsara koope pathitho thyagadhe, Mohanda Purne, vishayabhi thapthe, Karavalambam mama dehe Vishno, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 50I have fallen in the family life, Which is deep and dark with passion, And hot with material wealth, So give me a hand of support, Oh Vishnu, Oh Govinda, Oh Damodhara and Oh Madhava.Tvamevayase mama dehi jihve, Samagathe danda dhare krithande, Vak thvayamevam madhuram subhakthya, Govinda, Damodara Madhavethi. 51Oh my tongue of my body,


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