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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Vectric Aspire 9

We are very proud of the quality of our software, and maintain an active and open forum at The forum lets users ask questions and discuss techniques related to CNC and the software. In addition to direct input from Vectric, there are a large number of enthusiastic users who are always willing to help on any topic associated with CNC machining. Another very interesting section of the forum is the gallery area where users can post images of projects they have done using Vectric software. Please take a look, there are some very nice examples of work on there.

Vectric Aspire 9

Download Zip:

You should also look at the Vectric forum ( to see if anyone else has already configured a post for your configuration or one similar. If, after looking at these resources you are still unsure of what needs to be done for your machine, please feel free to contact for help. However, please note that we cannot guarantee to write a custom rotary post-processor for every individual requirement. 041b061a72


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