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Playboy Philippines Mae Dela Cerna March2013

Kim Masters published an article in Playboy. It was in March 2011. Masters reported that she met actress and comedian Lolita Davidovich at the Playboy Mansion in NYC. Masters wrote that Davidovich and Masters had a mutual friend, Jackie Sibblies Drury. Drury recommended Davidovich to Playboy for a feature story. Masters wrote that Davidovich and Playboys then-editor-in-chief Burton Andresen wanted to do a body positive story with Davidovich that is, a cover that would help to increase the female readership. Masters wrote that Davidovich readily agreed to do the Playboy story. The article mentions that Davidovich is a vegetarian, an advocate of giving aid to people who were born in a body that at one time did not recognize the existence of ones own child, and that she has worked with the National Organization for Women (NOW). Davidovich and Masters talked about several issues, including whether or not to go with a body positive approach on the cover, and Davidovich is quoted to have said it was going to take more than a few positive articles. Masters wrote that she also talked about the issues involving her age and her being by then 29 compared to Davidovichs 32. Masters wrote that Davidovich said that she was aware that Masters was older than she, but that there was nothing wrong with that. Masters wrote that, after she and Davidovich had talked for a couple of hours, Davidovich left her alone in the hotel room, knowing that she wanted to have sex with her. Masters wrote that she found the overall experience quite negative, and she wrote that she walked out of the room when Davidovich took her clothes off.

Playboy Philippines Mae Dela Cerna March2013



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