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[S1E6] Flight Risk

On the recording, Devlin shouts at Gerrard while Wilson and the pilot try to calm him. The pilot reports an emergency and the plane goes down. Molinari believes Holmes was right, that an attack onboard caused the crash, but Holmes doesn't believe so. Retrieving Gerrard's phone from the recovered debris, a voicemail is heard on it which is the same as Devlin's shouting. Holmes deduces that someone killed Gerrard before the flight took off and put his body in the cargo hold. This explains why the murder weapon hasn't been found and why Devlin left Gerrard a message, he thought Gerrard had missed the flight. The pilot didn't know Gerrard's body was in the hold and the extra weight caused the crash. Gerrard's killer wasn't on the plane.

[S1E6] Flight Risk

At the precinct, Holmes puzzles over the board of evidence. Watson notices the conspicuous absence of photos from the crash site and asks if he is afraid of flying. Holmes scoffs and they are interrupted by Bell, indicating that Cooper has security footage. In Cooper's office, which reeks of glue, the footage shows Gerrard in the parking lot just before the fatal flight, arguing with a heavyset man whose back is to the camera. Later, Holmes notices a "Carmanto Foods" logo on the sleeve of his shirt and as Watson leaves for dinner, she points out a device on the man's belt is an insulin pump. At Carmanto Foods, Holmes and Bell interview the heavyset man, Ed Hairston. He initially denies knowing Gerrard, but when Bell mentions the footage, he admits that he was helping Gerrard with his lawsuit, but Gerrard was angry that Hairston wouldn't testify in court. Holmes abruptly ends the questioning and outside, explains to Bell that by examining Hairston's office and actions, he could tell that diabetes had made him so weak he couldn't have lifted the wrench that killed Gerrard. Holmes has another lead though: sand.

Holmes and Bell interview Owen Barts, the air charter service's mechanic, at his home at night. Holmes says he hadn't realized Barts was also a pilot. Holmes has noticed the same mathematical error in the flight logs for one of Barts's regular flights, which corresponds to the weight of cocaine. Holmes accuses Barts of sabotaging the plane to kill the pilot who uncovered his smuggling. However, Barts claims he was helping Cooper that morning and wasn't at the hangar. The next morning, Watson wakes to find Holmes sitting in her room. He confesses to a fear of flying, but Watson finds this a useless personal detail as she'd already figured this out. Bell calls with news that Cooper has arrived at the precinct. Stinking of glue, Cooper says that Barts called him the previous night, confessed to killing Gerrard and sabotaging the plane and asked Cooper to alibi him, which he refused. Barts then planned to leave the country.

Air Transat Flight 236 was a transatlantic flight bound for Lisbon, Portugal, from Toronto, Canada, that lost all engine power while flying over the Atlantic Ocean on August 24, 2001. The Airbus A330 ran out of fuel due to a fuel leak caused by improper maintenance. Captain Robert Piché, 48, an experienced glider pilot, and First Officer Dirk DeJager, 28, glided the plane to a successful emergency landing in the Azores, saving all 306 people (293 passengers and 13 crew) on board.[1] Most of the passengers on the flight were Canadians visiting Europe or Portuguese expatriates returning to visit family in Portugal. This was also the longest passenger aircraft glide without engines, gliding for nearly 75 miles or 121 kilometres.[2] Following this unusual aviation accident, this aircraft was nicknamed the "Azores Glider".[3]

Following the accident investigation, the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued F-2002-548B, requiring a detailed fuel-leak procedure in the flight manual and the need for crews to be aware of this.[9] This was later cancelled and replaced by F-2005-195.[10] The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued AD 2006-02-01, effective February 3, 2006, requiring new airplane flight manual procedures to follow in the event of a fuel leak for Airbus Model A330 and A340 aircraft.[11]

The accident led to the DGCA and FAA issuing an airworthiness directive (AD),[12] requiring all operators of Airbus models A318, A319, A320 and A321 narrow-body aircraft to revise their flight manuals, stressing that crews should check that any fuel imbalance is not caused by a fuel leak before opening the cross-feed valve. The AD required all airlines operating these Airbus models to make revisions to the flight manuals before any further flights were allowed. The FAA gave a 15-day grace period before enforcing the AD. Airbus also modified its computer systems; the on-board computer now checks all fuel levels against the flight plan. It now gives a clear warning if fuel is being expended beyond the specified fuel consumption rate of the engines. Rolls-Royce also issued a bulletin advising of the incompatibility of the relevant engine parts.

The aircraft was repaired and returned to service with Air Transat in December 2001,[citation needed] with the nickname "Azores Glider". It was placed into storage in March 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. On October 18, 2021, the aircraft made its last flight with Air Transat and was subsequently returned to the lessor AerCap. The aircraft was re-registered as N271AD[13] and stored at Pinal Airpark.[14] The future use of the aircraft is unknown.[6]

In all of the Season 1 episodes so far, Dr. Okafor seems aloof when ethics and hospital politics discussions arise. In reality, she was always in the thick of it, risking her license and visa to keep people from falling through cracks.

We then cut to an intimate setting with Lindsay and Jay. She explains her situation with the girls: after Voight brought her in as a CI and then later into his family with his wife when Lindsay was 16, she enrolled in high school as his "god daughter". When in reality her mother was a junkie and her dad was in jail. She was part of the group, until they found out the truth about her past and turned on her. She explained to Jay that she couldn't do anything about it, because Voight called in favors into that high school to get her enrolled, and she couldn't risk getting kicked out.

A traumatized Madeline tells Michael she is ok, she'd tried to call the police, but they had cut her phone lines. Calming her, Michael confronts the stranger, telling him that his problem was not with his mother, but was with him. He asks the man who he is. Casually letting Madeline go and lowering his own weapon, he answers: "I'm the new man in your life." He lectures Michael sardonically, telling him that by obtaining a copy of the Homeland Security directive authorizing his burn notice, Michael has pissed a lot of people off. Michael replied that he'd asked nicely, smiling. The stranger continues, "You wanted attention from someone a little higher up the food chain." Michael agrees. "It's your lucky day." the stranger replies, "Here I am, and here I will stay, until you back off." He casually breaks another item. Michael points out that his problem isn't with his mother. He is told that, as a private citizen, he was a major security risk, and had just assaulted two Federal agents. Putting the safety on his gun and turning it around, Michael offers it to the stranger, asking to be arrested, since he'd like to read his own indictment. The stranger takes the gun, declines to make the arrest, telling Michael if he's a good boy, he'll be left alone, but until then, the stranger promises, he will keep looking. Underscoring his words, the man casually takes a knife and cuts open one of Madeline's sofa cushions, pretending to search it.

Michael comments that the Donzi is a fast boat, and asks if it's being used for smuggling. Virgil agrees this is likely, suggesting it might be Cuban cigars or marijuana, but he does casually mention the Jamaicans were waving guns around. Michael is less than enchanted by the entire deal. Virgil downplays the risk, saying it is just a 'Point A to Point B' job. Michael knows better, and doesn't hide this from Virgil. Virgil announces that the job pays $2,000.00 per man, cash on delivery, and his buddy Mason will be waiting for the boat at a local Miami warehouse. Sam tries to persuade Michael to take the job, and call in Fiona to help. This doesn't convince Michael, and Sam reminds him they could both use the cash - Sam needs to buy his new lady a nice gift, Michael needs to fix the mess his new 'friend' made at Madeline's house. "I'll think about it." That's all Michael will commit to, declining Virgil's offer of an alligator steak fresh off the grill.

Sam, Fiona and Michael arrive early at the meeting place specified by Andre. Michael hands Sam a rifle, he's expecting trouble from Andre, and likely the dirty cops as well. With the last pile of the money being unloaded into the street, Michael thanks Fiona for taking this risk with him. Fi announces that she isn't there for Michael - she's promised Madeline she will return Virgil unharmed. Michael is not amused.

Bester goes on to explain that during the last of the experiments Ironheart was involved with, he began to exhibit a long list of irrational behaviors, culminating in his murdering of the head researcher and fleeing the facility. At each step along his flight, his abilities have increased exponentially. Bester admits that withholding information was done because they worried if word got out, alien governments might try to seize him before they could. Ivanova angrily tells them off. Kelsey explains that a telepathic "safe word" was implanted in Ironheart that they can deliver if he is in a line of sight. The safe word will put him to sleep, allowing them to apprehend him.

Winters approaches the energy field in an isolated corridor. She calls to Jason, and he allows the field to lapse in that corridor long enough for her to enter. She finds him among the wreckage. He explains that seeing her was necessary to help him keep his power in check, but admits that coming there put her and everyone aboard at risk. He then warns her that the Psi Corps is beginning to manipulate EarthGov and other entities on Earth in terrible ways. He also tells her that he is becoming something else. 041b061a72


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