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    Do you want healthy confident children?  Do you   want your kids OFF their phones and devices? Do you   them to be safe in a much more dangerous world than   the one that we grew up in? If so, I have the answer. 

     Beyond the obvious physical benefits, our award-   winning program is designed to create the necessary   life skills in your children aged 7 and up. Karate isn't   just about kicks and punches; it's a holistic approach   to development. The structured yet enjoyable   environment builds  discipline, focus, and respect—   qualities that extend far beyond the Academy

       In our classes, your child will experience a unique   blend of skill-building and character development.   Karate enhances their coordination, balance, and   flexibility, laying a strong foundation for a healthy and   active lifestyle. The carefully created curriculum   introduces basic techniques and forms in a safe and   appropriate way, so  that every child feels both   challenged and successful.

      On top of that,  our experienced instructors   prioritize creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.   Through cooperative drills and team-building   activities, children develop social skills and a sense of   togetherness. THE FIRST WEEK IS FREE! A gift to   you and your child to experience the transformative   power of karate without commitment.

        Investing in your child's participation in our   karate class is an investment in their overall well-   being. Don't miss the chance to boost their confidence,   improve their focus, and set them on a path of physical   and mental strength. Enroll now, and watch your child   flourish in a supportive and exciting martial arts   journey!







Physical Fitness






Sensei Anthony Thomas

Owner and Head Instructor

Sensei Anthony began his Martial Arts journey in 1979 and has dedicated his entire life to teaching Martial Arts ins a safe, non-judgemental family format.

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Chief Instructor

Sensei Bobby began his career in 1965. As a multiple time International Champion, he has spent his life improving the community through Martial Arts

Sensei Bobby Thomas

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Jenny Aguilar

Office Manager Extraordinaire

Jenny is the Office Manager who keeps the dojo running and will always greet you with a warm smile. She is also a  talented photographer and event planner who runs a one stop shop for event planning called Strand of Pearls. You can reach her at 510-200-4323

510-244-7539  |


2196 American Ave, Hayward Ca, 94545


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