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Kid Black Belts are a JOKE!

Black belts for kids?

Alrighty then folks, I am back after a little time off. I am sorry to have been gone so long. I guess that this post could have gone into my challenging the masters series, but I have had enough of that. I am going to address something that burns me to the core. That my friends, is whether or not kids should have black belts.

I am going to say HECK NO!!! I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that children should be awarded black belts. Now before some of you start telling me about your child prodigies, let me add this disclaimer. There is a VERY small number of kids, (5% maybe) who are worthy of a black belt. I don't mean small kids, I mean 16, or 17 years old. Fact of the matter is, that a black belt is about much more than how well you can fight. If you don't think so, or if your teacher doesn't think so, then maybe you should rethink the value of the belt you wear. A black belt should have a higher sense of ethics, and have the maturity to understand the reality of violence. I don't mean to knock any kids, I was a kid before too. But the fact is that at a certain age, kids just do not have the maturity needed to be a legitimate black belt. From a physical standpoint, sure, kids are definitely more capable of performing certain techniques. But is that the essence of a black belt's skill? How about, WHEN to do the techniques? How about the legalities of certain techniques. Are these things that a child with martial arts skill can understand? About 9 times out of 10, Anthony says "no way."

What? What was that? Oh I hear it now. "Well what if he starts at 6 years old and trains hard the whole time?" Well, I say that if he is doing all of that, he will certainly understand why he will NOT get his black belt until he is 18. He or she will know that martial arts is not about what you wear around your waist. It is what is in your heart, and in your soul. Honestly, don't you get a little tired of watching 9 year old black belts perform tired katas and lackluster form? I know that it kills me. How much of an indicator is a black belt, if a kid can get one? Would you give any credit to a university that had 12 year old kids with doctorates? I would bet my car that you would not.

And while I am good and angry, let's talk about Black Belt Clubs. These are guarantees that a student will have a black belt, if they pay "x" amount up front. RIDICULOUS!! That is just downright pathetic. What if the student is uncoordinated? Will they still get their black belt in 3 years? What if the kids don't try hard? Or let us be real for a moment, what if they cannot afford to pay for the lessons front? To me, this just sends another message to the haves, and have-nots. That message is, "if you can afford better treatment, you will get it. If not, tough luck kid." I always thought martial arts was about brotherhood and sisterhood, regardless of financial standing. I have seen some affluent kids that absolutely sucked in martial arts. And I have also had some amazing workouts in a garage, or in a park somewhere. Does price determine how well you are going to teach someone? If it does, I am glad that I don't work out with you. Because I think that you are a loser. A martial arts program should make everyone feel equal and welcome. And I mean EVERYONE. That is from the kids all the way to the adults. Just remember, don't give those kids black belts!

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