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Patches on your gi


I am back again with a whole new complaint. It seems like an ugly fad has resurfaced from the depths of "thank goodness that is over." I am talking about patches on the gis. Now, I can understand a small neat patch over the heart, that has your schools name and style. I think that is definitely appropriate. But things are getting a little out of control. I have gotten a good chuckle at some recent tournaments where the fighters look like they had lost a fight with Martha Stewart. They looked like NASCAR drivers.I mean 5 or 6 patches on one gi? That looks REALLY bad. At least at NASCAR, those guys are getting paid to represent the company logos that they wear. There are people that have all of these patches, and don't even represent the makers of the patches. Ummm okay. To me it looks like they are trying to tell the world," Hey, look at me. With all of these patches, I MUST be good." Sorry, I don't impress that easily. Honorable ridicule for all of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players out there. Let it go fellas, just let it go.

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